Saturday, November 26, 2011

Change - There's Nothing So Constant

Change can be stressful. Many of life’s most traumatic events involve change…divorce, death, sickness, being laid off, learning a new job just to name a few. But change can also be a good thing. In order for the neurons in our brains to remain plastic and to build new connections, we need to stimulate our brain by doing things that are a bit of a stretch for us.  Pursuing a new creative outlet is a great way to stimulate our brains. Unlike doing a crossword puzzle, painting, drawing, sculpting, knitting and other artistic activities are kinesthetic (i.e., they involve body mechanics). As such, these activities are more challenging and the benefits may be greater.  

With the coming New Year, I encourage you to pursue some new creative endeavor whether it’s learning a musical instrument, drawing or whatever.

I invite you to comment on what creative challenges you might tackle for 2012.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Morning Walk

Long shadows stretch across the path
Leaves, orange, red and brown scattered like confetti
Silver light filtered through gauze of dust
Air still
Anticipating cold wind that permeates gaps

Time to reflect, to slow
To give thanks, slow cook
The smell of roasted chicken permeates the house

Soft lap blanked wrapped around legs curled on couch

Sonya Edwards, Nov 14, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Energy - A Gift of the Spirit

When my girlfriend Caroline turned 50, I wanted to give her something very special. Caroline is a beautiful woman who likes to dress very classy. I spent 5 hours making her a beaded necklace with purple beads and amber colored Swarovski crystals. When having lunch with her recently, she told me she gets more complements on that necklace than other piece of jewelry she owns. Even strangers come up to her and complement her. My jewelry provides the focal point for her good taste. She said she can trust that my jewelry is high quality. In turn, she later commissioned me to make a custom anklet for one of her dear friends. She said it is a way to support one friend as an artist while doing something special for another friend.  I feel honored that my jewelry was Caroline’s way of saying to her friend, I value our friendship enough to buy you something special.